Comprehensive Care Management Services


SMM provides comprehensive care management services continually reviewed for effectiveness and cost-efficiency. We provide complete care management solutions, or specific services to meet the needs of our partners. Our services provide affordable solutions to Health Plans, ACOs and Physician Practices that produce the best outcomes in the industry.

Health Plans


Physician Practice

An Affordable Solution

SMM partners can choose from complete care management solutions or choose from any of the many care management services we provide. SMM can provide a rapid solution for health plans, ACOs and Physician Practice to meet production, compliance, quality, and financial outcome goals. SMM is often a more affordable solution compared to recruiting, hiring and training new staff. We can also assist with projects such as health plan transition, onboarding or new health plan set up.

Risk and Value-Based Contracting

SMM is all about innovation. We welcome partners interested in designing risk and value-based contracts with us. We are confident in what we do and have produced outcomes well-above industry standards. Managing patient risk is what we do well.