SMM Insight delivers better health outcomes while achieving our clients’ strategic clinical goals

We are dedicated to doing all we can to improve the life of every person and provide every opportunity for each person to achieve health and well-being.

Understanding the complex relationships between physical health, behavioral health and perceptions of well-being is paramount to our success. Helping patients discover, understand and prioritize their problems and needs based on these complex relationships is where we excel. We believe in Patient-Centered Planning Principles making patients the drivers of their care. Through effective predictive health analytics, we can anticipate the course of care and anticipate future problems and needs. Through careful assessment, person-centered planning, analytics, and patient guidance, we have achieved higher engagement, compliance and outcomes for patients and our partners.

Our Driving Force: The Triple Aim

Improving the Health of the Individual Person and Population
Safe, Reliable, Accessible, Patient-Centered
Reducing Disparities

Improving Patient Experience with Care
Clinical and Service Experience
Patient Satisfaction with Care

Controlling Cost of Care
Reducing the Cost of Care to All
Reducing unnecessary care, over utilization, and waste