Greater Quality Greater Success

We achieve quality outcomes for health plans, ACOs and physician practices. That means better quality scores and savings. Improved quality patient outcomes produces greater health care savings and earnings. Achieving better quality does not have to be a costly and complex initiative. SMM helps health plans, ACOs and providers by providing affordable care management and practice management services that achieve higher quality outcomes.

How We Achieve Higher Quality?

We believe quality is mission essential to improving the lives of patients and improving the sustainability of the health care system. Quality is central to success in a value-based health care system. SMM can help you achieve your quality initiatives and goals.

We Produce Results Through Quality

From the our low 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Rates to our high Engagement Rates, we achieve higher quality through continuous quality improvement and continuous team training. We believe in the continuous quality and performance improvement approach to all of the services, programs and initiatives we provide.