Thriving in the Community Where They Want to Live

Achieving Independence & Self-Management

The greatest patient outcome is the ability to thrive in the community where they want to live. All we do at SMM is driven by that principle. Our goal is to design and implement programs and services to keep patients at home in their communities. Whether independent, or with support, patients achieve higher clinical and service satisfaction outcomes when they can self-manage and live independently. SMM helps patients achieve that outcome. Health Plans, ACOs, Provider Practices, and the entire Community benefits when patients achieve the goal of independence and self-determination.

A Vision to Live Independently and Self-Manage

Every person wants to live as independent as possible and have the freedom to make their own life decisions. Helping patients develop a vision of remaining independent where they are is the foundation of building their understanding of what they need to do everyday to accomplish that end. This is the essence of self-management. Often, patients do not tie their independence to the mundane thoughts of making physician appointments or taking medications. Our efforts are aimed at helping patients develop a vision of living independent for the rest of their lives and what it takes to get their.