Achieve Greater Shared-Savings

Increase Value with NCQA PCMH Recognition

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to introduce value-based contracting with Physician Practices including Direct Contracting Entity and Primary Care First Program. In addition, health plans are providing value-based incentive and shared-savings programs for Physician Practices that requires effective Practice Management and meaningful PCMH programs. Physician Practices participating in ACOs can increase shared-savings and increased quality scores with meaningful PCMH programs. SMM provides Physician Practices the opportunity to participate with confidence in value-based contracting and shared-savings programs.

Practice Management

Our Practice Management Partners Provides:

NCQA PCMH Recognition

SMM implements PCMH programs for Physician Practices that is meaningful and produces the patient outcomes that lead to greater shared-savings. SMM provides Physician Practices with a NCQA PCMH readiness evaluation and helps practices implement meaningful programs. SMM provides:

SMM Can Help With CMS Request for Applications and Value-Based Contracting

Interested in CMS value-based programs, let us help you prepare your RFA or value-based contracting. SMM can assess your practice for value-based contracting readiness or participation in ACO shared-savings. We can help you prepare and achieve greater shared-savings and better quality scores.