SMM Achieves the Outcomes You Need

Comprehensive Case Management Services

We provide Health Plans, ACOs and Physician Practices with complete care management solutions, or specific services to meet their needs. We have an experienced and well-trained team of case managers with experience in Health Plan, Community, Behavioral, and Provider Care Management. Our team is continually trained in addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Well-Being, and Behavioral needs. Every SMM case manager is trained and experienced in using Person-Centered-Planning and Motivational Interviewing principles.

Direct Face-to-Face Case Management Services:

Telephone-Based Case Management Services:

Care Management Training:

Case Management Staffing

Team Collaboration With Partners

Our Care Management Team members provide ongoing collaboration with Health Plan, ACO and Physician Practice care management teams. Through direct communication, scheduled case conferences, recurring reports, and documentation, the SMM Care Management Team ensures continued communication of patient progress and issues. Our Case Managers and coordination team is available to answer all questions when they arise. Our Care Management provides a warm hand-off to the Health Plan, ACO and Physician Practice teams when care is completed to ensure continuity care.


SMM is focused on achieving better patient, quality and financial outcomes. We work collaboratively with partners to design, develop and implement care management and physician practice programs based on current research and best practices. We provide collaboration for Quality and Performance Improvement and provide recommendations to our partners to help them maximize opportunities to achieve the highest patient, quality and financial outcomes.