Making Data Meaningful and Actionable

Making the Right Data Meaningful

Health care data analytics has become a ubiquitous and vague term in health care. From Big Data to identification of sensitive micro-variables, SMM uses health care data in a more meaningful way. We use a team of experienced health care data analysts, programmers and clinicians to identify the sensitive micro-variables in health data that other analytics companies often overlook or are unaware exists. The relationship of those sensitive variables provides a clearer picture of patient care trajectory over time providing the window of opportunity to intervene and prevent costly escalations in care. We partner with our customers to build custom solutions for decision support that is actionable and reliable.

We Provide Physicians, Health Plans and ACOs affordable solutions for:

Well-Being Variables for Patient Risk

SMM continues to explore the sensitive relationship of Well-Being variables to overall future needs, health and costs of patients. Present and future costs, conditions, comorbidities, social determinants can provide a gross direction of patient care needs, but does not tell the real story. We provide actionable patient information to care management and physician practice teams to close Care Gaps sooner and prevent costly complications and hospitalizations.