Meet Our Team

Our Team

The SMM leadership team that is dedicated to a learning culture that is open and collaborative with an incessant drive for innovation to improve health care delivery, outcomes and quality.

Andy Kovacs, CEO

Champion of health care reform and value-based contracting. With 20 years experience operating a health care organization, Andy has experienced first hand the rapid changes to health care ecosystem. We need to improve our health care system to provide better access to affordable care.

Chitra Suresh, CFO

Forward thinking health care administration with 25 years of experience. Innovation is brought about with open collaboration, research and information sharing. Patients and the community deserve better access, quality, and service satisfaction.

Reginald Eburuche, MD CMO

With over 20 years experience caring for patients in all settings specializing in high-risk patient management in the home. We can manage patient risk more effectively when we treat the whole person where they live.

Abhishek Sharma, CTO

Health Care IT pioneer with 22 years experience in health data and analytics. This is an exciting era of health data analytics discovery and innovation. The ability to predict and anticipate health care problems and needs is essential to improve lives worldwide.

John C. Hillary, COO

32 years of experience in health care. Committed to quality with CPHQ and active with ASQ. Experience in NCQA for health plans and a certified for PCMH (NCQA PCMH CCE). Strong supporter of Case Management and certified (CCM). Works with health care finance and certified (CHFP). Supports the health plan industry with AHIP and completed FAHM. Business background with BBA and MBA and clinical experience as a Registered Nurse (RN).

Patrick O'Brien, Dir. Ops

Experienced in health care clinical and administrative operations for pharmacy benefits, care management and physician practice. Ensuring the most effective strategy for both clinical and financial operations of health care organizations is critical in the health care market today. Building cohesive and high-impact clinical and administrative teams is challenging with the rapidly changing health care industry. Change in health care is incessant and inevitable.